Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whew! Am getting over the jet lag and slowly coming to my senses. The ten day (well, really nine because of a snow day) was intense, to say the least. I keep telling anyone who'll listen about it. Boston has a good rep here in Italy and people are informing me next time they're coming along. Yikes!  Slowly but surely coming out of the dazed crit -induced stupor and wondering how I'll begin working in the studio again, knowing now that painting is still dead (that was the topic in the 70s when I was an undergrad too) and that I know less than zero!
I did realize I had become slightly more educated. During the layover at Heathrow I spied upscale stores and just thought of how we really don't need any of those things, that they are all fetishized objects present day culture has imposed on us. My husband will be happy for this revelation. He's been trying to tell me this for ages.

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