Friday, February 18, 2011

This week's work

60x80cm oil on paper untitled

60x80cm oil on paper untitled
This week I wanted to concentrate on being aware of how the paint is applied. I experimented with dripping, using washes, and texture with different brushes. I plan to work on some more monotypes while this work is drying over the next couple of days.
I am finishing the Critical Theory paper relating my painting to contemporary abstract expressionism and am looking at the work of Phillip Taaffe. It is gesture more than pattern that I find interesting, but will continue to research use of repetition. Taaffe uses very simple combinations of shapes and colors to get powerful visual effects.
80x80 oil on canvas untitled

80x80 cm oil on canvas untitled

60x80cm oil on paper 
60x80cm oil on paper untitled

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