Friday, March 25, 2011

Monotypes all 70x90cm Ink on Paper

Some of these are in a previous post, but I photographed them again in better light.
The monotype is a very interesting process to use. It's alot like etching, only that it's a one off process.
Hopefully doing these has helped me have some insight into the direction I want to take my paintings. The fact that the image ends up backwards and upside down from how it is put down on the plate forces you not to be finicky. It is exciting to watch the paper being peeled away from the painted surface to reveal something that you only partly did. Chance made the rest. That reminds me of one of my all time favorite books, Being There, by Jerzy Kosinsky, also the last film  of the late great Peter Sellars. The character was  named Chance E Gardener, or Chauncey Gardener. This simple man made very simple statements about tending to a garden. Even though he meant literally everything he said, people took them to have profound meanings. In his simplicity Chance was very profound.            

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trying to Break Old Habits....

90x180cm  acrylic on canvas
In this piece I was trying to get away from representational elements and having the painting be open to multiple interpretation. I am reminding myself there should be no narrative content, just visual feeling.
I am also realizing that Rome wasn't built in a day and paintings evolve. There is no way to rush this. That's ok...this is not a race. At present I am looking at the work of Danish painter/poet Per Kirkeby.
He uses an earthy palette that is suggestive of landscape.
This painting is a diptych. The canvas is stapled to the wall, which is how I am able to work large in my small studio. When the paintings dry, I photograph them, and store them rolled up. Also, 90cm is the length of my ginormous portfolio that I intend to use over the two years for the low res, the reason for deciding on that dimension. A number of canvases can be rolled up and carried that way, and checked with my luggage. Shipping crates from abroad can be very costly, and there's always the chance that for some reason things can get held up at customs.
Tomorrow I'm going to see William Kentridge at Lia Rumma. In the morning he's doing a performance and then the gallery will have an opening that lasts until 7:30. I have a catalogue of his, maybe I can get an autograph...His work is amazing and I'm sure it'll be inspiring.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Visit to Rovelli Print Studio

Today was the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and a national holiday. I took a few pictures of Corneliano Bertario, but it was raining cats and dogs so I couldn't walk around alot. Also, will have to re-shoot the pictures of my monotypes because I didn't use the flash and they could be truer with better natural light. But, I've posted a few here any way. 

1    50x50cm ink on paper

2         50x50cm ink on paper

3             50x50cm ink on paper

4            50x50 cm ink on paper

5          50x50cm ink on paper

6            50x50cm ink on paper
7      50x50cm ink on paper

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hans Sylvester Photographs

An Afternoon at Giorgio Rovelli's Print Studio

Il Maestro Giorgio

Lo Studio

Using a roller to pick up ink
Long time friend and Master Printmaker Giorgio Rovelli and I did a couple of monotypes today in his studio in beautiful Corneliano Bertario. I'm going back tomorrow to do some more work, and will take some pictures of Corneliano. It's an incredible town that has kept lots of its characteristics left over from the Middle Ages. People who live there are always finding relics. Anyway, that's a whole different story. I went to work with Giorgio, not only because he's a good friend and it's fun to hang out, but because he has all the right inks, paper, tools, and is extremely knowledgeable. Also, he's a "precisone"ie, he is neat and clean, which is a big help for someone neatness challenged like yours truly. I am learning how to keep the paper registered, how to wet and blot it, and other tricks of the trade. Hopefully next week I'll have some new prints to post.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

John Cage

Three days in Sicily

This was a short get away from bleak Milan winter weather my husband organized for his fiftieth birthday. He was born on December 25, so never really gets to celebrate properly. It was sunny the entire time and I took loads of pictures. Needless to say we had some excellent food! So, I think there's plenty of new material here to use.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paintings First Week March-Oils vs Acrylics

oil on canvas 90x110cm

oil on paper 80x80cm

oil on paper 60x80cm

acrylic oil and charcoal on canvas 90x110cm

90x110cm acrylic and charcoal on canvas