Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Afternoon at Giorgio Rovelli's Print Studio

Il Maestro Giorgio

Lo Studio

Using a roller to pick up ink
Long time friend and Master Printmaker Giorgio Rovelli and I did a couple of monotypes today in his studio in beautiful Corneliano Bertario. I'm going back tomorrow to do some more work, and will take some pictures of Corneliano. It's an incredible town that has kept lots of its characteristics left over from the Middle Ages. People who live there are always finding relics. Anyway, that's a whole different story. I went to work with Giorgio, not only because he's a good friend and it's fun to hang out, but because he has all the right inks, paper, tools, and is extremely knowledgeable. Also, he's a "precisone"ie, he is neat and clean, which is a big help for someone neatness challenged like yours truly. I am learning how to keep the paper registered, how to wet and blot it, and other tricks of the trade. Hopefully next week I'll have some new prints to post.

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