Friday, March 25, 2011

Monotypes all 70x90cm Ink on Paper

Some of these are in a previous post, but I photographed them again in better light.
The monotype is a very interesting process to use. It's alot like etching, only that it's a one off process.
Hopefully doing these has helped me have some insight into the direction I want to take my paintings. The fact that the image ends up backwards and upside down from how it is put down on the plate forces you not to be finicky. It is exciting to watch the paper being peeled away from the painted surface to reveal something that you only partly did. Chance made the rest. That reminds me of one of my all time favorite books, Being There, by Jerzy Kosinsky, also the last film  of the late great Peter Sellars. The character was  named Chance E Gardener, or Chauncey Gardener. This simple man made very simple statements about tending to a garden. Even though he meant literally everything he said, people took them to have profound meanings. In his simplicity Chance was very profound.            

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  1. Hi Mary! Just found your blog, hope your semester is gong well, your work looks great...I loved that movie 'Being There' too...