Friday, March 18, 2011

Trying to Break Old Habits....

90x180cm  acrylic on canvas
In this piece I was trying to get away from representational elements and having the painting be open to multiple interpretation. I am reminding myself there should be no narrative content, just visual feeling.
I am also realizing that Rome wasn't built in a day and paintings evolve. There is no way to rush this. That's ok...this is not a race. At present I am looking at the work of Danish painter/poet Per Kirkeby.
He uses an earthy palette that is suggestive of landscape.
This painting is a diptych. The canvas is stapled to the wall, which is how I am able to work large in my small studio. When the paintings dry, I photograph them, and store them rolled up. Also, 90cm is the length of my ginormous portfolio that I intend to use over the two years for the low res, the reason for deciding on that dimension. A number of canvases can be rolled up and carried that way, and checked with my luggage. Shipping crates from abroad can be very costly, and there's always the chance that for some reason things can get held up at customs.
Tomorrow I'm going to see William Kentridge at Lia Rumma. In the morning he's doing a performance and then the gallery will have an opening that lasts until 7:30. I have a catalogue of his, maybe I can get an autograph...His work is amazing and I'm sure it'll be inspiring.

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