Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Two Cents

Manifesto on Black and White Painting

1.           Black and White Painting is old-fashioned.
2.           Black and White Painting is contemporary.
3.           Black and White Painting is alive.
4.           Black and White Painting is individual and collective.
5.           Black and White Painting is internal and external.
6.           Black and White Painting is connected with the universal.
7.           The old-fashioned and contemporary create balance between the collective and the individual.
8.           Whoever believes in art and culture is accepting of the old as well as the new media.
9.           Everything has already been done in painting and it is okay to look to the past in order to uncover personal discoveries.
10.      It is also okay to steal ideas in Black and White painting-all important painters do and have done this.
11.      Look at contemporary Black and White art.
12.      Look at Black and White of the past masters.
13.      Look at your friends’ Black and White art.
14.      Treat Black and White painting as a full-time job.
15.      Love Black and White painting.
16.      Hate Black and White painting.
17.      Nobody ever made a good Black and White painting by just talking about it.
18.      Listen to your peers and professors.
19.      Remember painting is not about words.
20.      Do not take anyone’s advice.

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