Friday, September 30, 2011

Last of this Week's Work

Ink,spray paint,water-based enamel,acrylic,pastel on canvas 60x35cm

Ecoline, spray paint, and India ink on paper 100x70cm

Ecoline and India ink on paper

Acrylic on linen 130x90cm

Ecoline,India ink,spray paint on handmade paper 35x20cm

I had a very productive day today. I started off by stretching the linen and sizing it with acrylic gel. While waiting for it to dry, I finished the first small painting. I worked on the linen painting most of the day. It is at a point where I can stop working on it. Getting ready to leave the studio, I noticed the green Ecoline bottle on its side on the floor, lying in a puddle of green. Well, not wanting it to go to waste I grabbed a sheet of paper and wiped it up, also using the small handmade paper piece to blot up the spilt ink. So, the two larger green and black paintings on paper came about because of the knocked over bottle. 

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