Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paintings and Photographs

Acrylic, Ink,graphite, spray paint on canvas 50x40cm
Acrylic, spray paint, graphite, water-based enamel on paper 100x70cm

Acrylic, sprat paint, water based enamel ,graphite on paper 100x70cm

acrylic, spray paint, water-based enamel  on linen 120x100cm

Sidewalk in Trecella

Eletrical housing on wall of Bar Pinto in Trecella (where  the retired men hang out at all hours of the day).

These are a couple of photographs I took as an "explanation" for my work. I struggled with the painting on linen because it was sized with clear acrylic gel and the Ecoline (liquid watercolors)  would have worked better on a gessoed surface. But, I like the linen surface and will try another, only using other painting materials.  Now that I am  back to using color I am trying to be parsimonious. Catrine and I discussed how the colors work best underneath the layers. I have to remind myself these things!

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