Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Paintings-Transfer the Visual Thing into an Action

title: <-
(I've decided to title paintings after marks that are in them)
This is acrylic on canvas, 200cmx 60cm

title: XXX
acrylic on canvas 200x80cm
These were inspired by the city and caligraphy. 

This is a quote from Phyllida Barlow. Lately I have been thinking about the approach she takes to her work. Repair-destruction-collapse-this is how our cities mutate every twenty years or more. 
"The urgency to get something done is very important in my work. I make work very quickly. I then need ages to understand what I’ve done., and that is an odd paradox. I’ve talked to a lot of other people who make work very quickly, and they almost don’t know what they’ve done. They don’t know where it’s come from. And that’s quite bewildering. And when I say that I don’t know what the subject is, I really don’t. Therefor there is an ongoing chase to find that.

And for some people who maybe get into art, and they may be driven the whole time through getting it right or observation, to suddenly to be given a completely new way of being an artist and recognizing how you might transfer that visual thing into something else-a physical action-is a real epiphany. And it certainly happened to me".
title Path acrylic on canvas 200 x 40 cm 

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