Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Summary of September and October- Work

acrylic and ink on hahnemuhle paper 70x100cm untitled

These are the pieces my mentor thinks work the best. She wanted me to reintroduce color. At first I went a little wild, and had this brought to my attention.  Currently I am using three colors and  mixing them to get other tonalities. Using color has been a challenge after working in black and white. I began painting on paper, but am now working larger on linen primed with clear acrylic gel. My infuences come from architecture  building sites, surrounding industrial buildings, and using the paint. I discovered the sculptor Phyllida Barlow who also looks to architecture, but says it doesn't really matter.It is the use of the material that counts! Catrine wants me to pay attention to space and the way the shapes I am using relate to it. I have been working and experimenting alot, but have hit some dead ends.The only solution for that is to keep at it.
acrylic, ink, spray paint on canvas 50x40cm untitled
acrylic on linen 130x100cm untitled

acrylic, ink, spray paint, pastel on canvas 60x30cm untitled

acrylic on linen 100x130cm untitled
ink,spray paint on hahnemuhle paper, 60x100cm untitled

title:Colato di Cemento (Poured Cement) ink, spray paint on hahnemuhle paper  60x100cm

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