Monday, October 10, 2011

Venice Biennial

I just booked a train ticket to Venice for Wednesday.  I will take lots of pictures, especilly of work by Fia Backstrom and Francesco Bocchini. I'll be staying at the Hotel Tivoli for one night, because it takes two days to see everything. Last time my husband Lucio and I drove and he got the Stendal Syndrome after two hours of pavillion hopping, so I figure it's better to go alone."Meglio solo che mal accompagnato"(Better alone than with the wrong person). Wish my AIB friends (Leigh, Julie, Janna, Rita, Jason, Molly, Flannon, the two Jennifers, Jenna, Mandy, Kristin, Jason, Noelle, Andres, Ya, Nina, ect ) could be there with me.
 A change of scenery will be good and the weather is still nice.

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