Friday, October 14, 2011

Venice Update

Anybody remember the REAL Swept Away, by Lina Wertmuller? This is the actress who played the starring role, Mariangela Melato. She's very well known here and does mostly theater. 

Also when the train pulled into the station the Orient Express was waiting to leave. Everyone on board looked very posh, and was sipping champagne at 11:00 am. 

I've never taken a gondola, because they are too expensive.  But, I discovered  the Tragetto Gondola that costs 50 cents to take you across to the other side so you can walk instead of using a vaporetto.

Back to the Biennale. This is part of the UK Padiglione, represented by Mike Nelson

Part of Mike Nelson's installation. Got a bit queezy maneuvering the space, but that was the point. It was like descending into hell.

Germany, or Germania in Italian-The Ger was replaced by EGO.  


This reminds me of Robert Bern's work from last residency. It has writing on it...

Film by German artist (need to look up names here-lost the documentation for Germany. Sorry!)

Uncomfortable Spaces or In a Tight Spot might be a better title for this years' Biennale, instead of the insipid Illuminations. Artists seem to be thinking about how problematic living has become for us all, old and young.

Christian Boltanski is a genius, but his piece especially fits into the pompous category. I like scaffolding as much as the next person, but this  over-use was unnecessary. When I walked into the exhibition space there were people climbing on it in order to  make repairs. That made it a bit more interesting.The pictures of newborns' faces running throughout, like a newspaper being printed were supposed to be moving in a loop. Even trying to describe the installation is tiresome, so I won't bother. Monsieur Blotanski, where is your refreshing poetic simplicity? Has fame gone to your head?

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