Friday, November 25, 2011

Pipilotti Rist at the Cinema Manzoni, Milano

Yesterday I took in this intallation by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist. The Cinema Manzoni, a beautiful  but out of business movie theater built in 1947, was filled with her work. From outside, looking through the huge glass doors at the entrance, you see the  underpants chandelier titled Cape Cod Chandelier .  The artist projected a video on the sculpture, giving it a "lit from inside" effect. On the ground floor on the movie screen there was a loop of her (reminded me of Jenny Saville paintings-but Rist, I am pretty sure, did this first) smashing her face on a pane of glass, mixed with what looked like the inside of a psychedelic lava lamp, called Open my Glade, from 2000. I liked this part of the film, because it was so much like painting. My interpretation of this piece is that we are basically slime and jelly, like the lava (trails of saliva, make-up, ect were left as evidence on the glass).

One of the windows of the Armani Store across the street-It took up the entire block and was pretty amazing and as good as the art across the street. 

The best was upstairs! A video of two Swiss misses frolicking in leaves - very psychedelic- was projected on the ceiling titled Homo Sapiens Sapiens from 2005. What made it richer was the glittery mosaic of the old theater's ceiling. There were pillows made from pairs of pants to wrap around your neck and shoulders, for your viewing pleasure. I did not take pictures of this because I think I had an acid trip flash-back from the seventies, and was too spaced out. It also could've been having that warm pillow around my neck.  I wasn't expecting to like this, and was pleasantly surprised. The not thinking really makes you think, like doing yoga and emptying the mind. Brava Pipilotti!

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