Monday, December 5, 2011

London Visit

Joan Mitchell at the Tate

A reconstucted Vladimir Tatlin tower in front of the RA

Gert and Ewe Tobias at Maureen Paley

A  jewel-like Tomma Abts painting

Energetic Ida Echblad

 Matisse Blau Thomas Kiesewetter

Max Ernst
I saw lots while I was in London for a visit with my mentor Catrine Bodum. She and I got together in her Lambeth studio for a final crit of my work on my last day in town. The night before Catrine and the group of artists in Make Space Studios held an open studio reception, something they do twice a year. I had a bit too much to drink, got to socializing, and totally forgot to take any pictures!
The rest are just some photos of  paintings and sculpture I saw going around to museums and galleries.

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