Monday, January 30, 2012

New Work

100x70cm unfinished

First studio session after my third AIB residency in January. This a work-in-progress acrylic on luscious Hannehmuhle paper. Even though it is not finished, I wanted to post something. I am thinking paper is the way to go and want to bring only work on paper or either small stretched canvases to the next AIB residency. Today I tried to think about a few things that were brought up in crits, but mainly I just had fun. I will do some large canvases as well, but will not take them to school. I had an eventful crit with Ben Sloat before heading to the airport. He liked one black and white painting from last June and said that mark-making is important, and much contemporary painting is steeped in that tradition. So, I think I am just going to relax and have fun this time. I feel like I know pretty much the direction I need to take. My new mentor Annabel and I skyped briefly last week. She encouraged me to consider light and space, and look at architecture.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ilya and Emilia Kabokov at Lia Rumma

Interesting show in Milan's most impressive gallery space. Lots of the work looked like expensive toys for rich children, but there were a few valid works. Four paintings suggesting the artist during different epochs alone in the studio, the piece at the entrance of what seems likea person under 40 meters of pinkinsh-grat felt, and some small sculptures were the least commercial. For the rest, I was reminded of crèche scenes. I'm sure the gallery goers will enjoy them.....very saleable.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back from Third AIB Residency

Hello all. I am back home from my third residency at the Art Institute of Boston 's low residency MFA program. I am extremely happy to be working with professor Jan Avgikos as an advisor and painter Annabel Emson as a mentor.
I was so busy this time that I forgot to take pictures of the work I brought. There were some interesting visiting artists; Jean Lowe, J Morgan Puett, Tony Cokes, and Liz Deschennes. Liz was the visiting professor this time and lots of people were lucky to have her for critiques.

Jennifer and Julie on our walk back from the MFA 

Jarrod with his hair down


Party animal Leigh Yardley 

Casey with bystanders

Bandana bikini by Molly Painter

Linda Fitzgibbons' ceramic installation

Very cool sculpture by Julie Lindell

Jennifer and Molly at opening of show in Cambridge

Julie showing her video of Texas tornado 

Jennifer, Janna, and James

goodbye Boston

Only 3836 miles  to home....