Monday, January 30, 2012

New Work

100x70cm unfinished

First studio session after my third AIB residency in January. This a work-in-progress acrylic on luscious Hannehmuhle paper. Even though it is not finished, I wanted to post something. I am thinking paper is the way to go and want to bring only work on paper or either small stretched canvases to the next AIB residency. Today I tried to think about a few things that were brought up in crits, but mainly I just had fun. I will do some large canvases as well, but will not take them to school. I had an eventful crit with Ben Sloat before heading to the airport. He liked one black and white painting from last June and said that mark-making is important, and much contemporary painting is steeped in that tradition. So, I think I am just going to relax and have fun this time. I feel like I know pretty much the direction I need to take. My new mentor Annabel and I skyped briefly last week. She encouraged me to consider light and space, and look at architecture.

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