Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work in progress...Added better photos of the work plus one of a completed big painting.

this one is bigger-it's 100x130 cm-applied most of the paint with hands and used a small, stiff brush to make the marks
Here are some small paintings that are almost finished. All are oil on canvas, measure approx. 80x35cm.  I am trying to concentrate on mark-making and thinking about calligraphy. I got out my luscious Michael Harding oil paints that I bought last year before switching to acrylics. I am too easily seduced by Michael..ha ha...I love working with these. I need to be parsimonious with MH paint because a little bit goes a long way. They say that when they advertise it, and it is true.
What I will try next is using acrylic in the underpainting.

I have been taking a break and going to exhibitions, since my mentor Annabel and I agreed I needed to chill out. My niece Gray is visiting us for the first time and we have been doing some fun stuff. We went to La Scala today to see the museum and got to see a dress rehearsal of the Marriage of Figaro. Gray told me that opera singers don't use microphones!
We did a day trip to Venice on Monday and saw the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, home to one of my favorite paintings "Girl with a Fleshy Face" by  Jean DuBuffet. It is something to behold. Tragic and comic, at the same time. Now, how did he do that?  We also saw Diana Vreeland at the newly renovated Fortuny Museum. Tomorrow we might go to see the Neo-expressionists (they are called the Transavanguardia here) at the Palazzo Reale. I used to be a huge fan, after seeing a show at the Guggenheim in 1981 featuring Paladino, Clemente,  Cucchi, and Chia. Paladino is the  one who has held up over time and has done some interesting intallations recently with his prints.

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