Sunday, January 27, 2013

NYC Jan 2013

green tea ice cream -to die for
Morgan O'hara 

view from Morgan's studio on W39th Street

Lisa Hoke on top of the New Museum, where we saw Rosemary Trockel exhibit. 

Gray near her Times Square office.

same view form 37th floor

Gray and I are on the lower left of the giant Times Square screen.  It felt like getting a tan standing in front of so much light. 

Franz West

Genuflecting while taking this picture....Boite en Valise

Warhol's Rorschach painting-remind me to steal this idea. Amazing piece.

Marcel Broodthaers at MOMA. 

Shirt that looks like paint on paper saw in a Park Ave shop window.

Morgan's studio (4 meter table she brought with her during the move from Corneliano Bertario).

Jack Youngerman painting MOMA.